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Early Thoughts on Social History

Ranney Letter #50

Note-making Process

Planning to Teach Note-taking

First Day of Spring, 2016

Ecological Revolutions

Ranney Letter #49

Making a Nail

Early Thoughts on Retrieval

Cronon's Vanishing Frontier

First Planting

Living in 1802

Bella Ciao!

Holbrook's Yankee Exodus

Barn Cats

New England Medicine in the Early 19th Century

Nathan Smith

Henhouse and Greenhouse

Country and City

Ranney Letter #48

Dust Bowl

Conversation with Tracy, part 3

Texts and Tools (with Toshi)

California Land Monopoly

American Environmental History, 2016

Small Community Economics in 1943

OER Thoughts


British Peasants to Colonial Farmers

Ranney Letter #47

American Radicalism


Response to "Redefining American Capitalism"

Chicken Comparison Project

Only Connect

Evolution & Critical Thinking

Conversation with Tracy, part 2

Ranney Letter #46

Letter to Inactive Subs

Hypothesis Highlights to Obsidian Notes

1860 Allen Census

Dream of a Democratic Culture, Meeting 1

Filling in Empty Nodes

Conversation with Tracy, part 1

Testing Descript Video Editing

Ranney Letter #45

Ranney Letter #44

Textbooks and "Lies"

Ranney Letter #43

Capital Order Meeting 3

Ranney Letter #42

Saw Was

Hobby Farm, Weeks 4 & 5

Trying a 3-Day Fast

Ranney Letter #41

Historical Intervention

Tinderbox in 2010

America's Bestsellers to 1749

Pioneer Living

Kepler was NOT a Creation Scientist

Personal Syntopicon

Railroad Land Grants

Ranney Letter #40


Multi-Day Fast Begins

Hobby Farming, Week 3(ish)

Kindle/Audible Book Processing


Capital Order Meeting 2

Paine Memorial Building, Boston

Danbom's Resisted Revolution

Why I Didn't Automate Obsidian

The Rural Life "Problem" a Century Ago

Isaiah Thomas' Catalog, part 2

Student Demo of Obsidian Research Vault

Ranney Letter #39

Second Week of Hobby Farming

Roam and Obsidian

Isaiah Thomas' Catalog, part 1

How to Read, Part 2

Ranney Letter #38

First Week of Hobby Farming

Knowlton's Books

How to Read, Part 1


City & Country

Reading for Information

Red Roof Co-op

Ranney Letter #37

Reading Beowulf, Part 1

More Thoughts About Obsidian Class Vault

Reading Obnoxious Sources

Saint Paul

Obsidian Publish Syntopicon Vault

Obsidian Class Vault Review

Ranney Letter #36

Syntopical Construction

Obsidian Class Vault

Mill's Autobiography, Part 7

Knowlton Family Background

The Iliad, Note 4

Zotero for Bibliographies

Ranney Letter #35

Something New for Contributors

A Bit More on Fasting

Why Read?

Schmidt's 2016 Article on Luhmann

Mill's Autobiography, Part 6

Fasting Plan this Summer

How to Read a Book, Chapter 10

MarginNote 3 and Note-taking

Ranney Letter #34


The Iliad, Notes 2 and 3

Processing the Archives

Beginning to Teach Note-Taking

John Sanderson's Farm

Mill's Autobiography, Part 5

Capital Order Meeting 1

Contingency, Agency, Responsibility

For Whom Do We Work?

The Iliad, Note 1

1,000th Post!

Long Waves Breaking

Mill's Autobiography, Part 4

Charles River Bridge

First Pass at Krajewski

How I write Pressbooks OERs

Can False Things Foster Adaptive Process?

Why I Started Writing OERs

Personal Syntopicon

Ranney Letter #33

Apps and Workflows

Why I write OERs

History and Science

92 Book Club Videos!

Ranney Research Note

Freethinker Research

AI is Humans Collaborating

"On Governors" and Angus Barbieri

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Ranney Letter #32

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Big Myth Meeting 5

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Book Club Check-in

Poorly Understood Meeting "6"

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"Books" on Substack?

Poorly Understood Pre-Meeting

My Note-Making Book

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Club Obsidian Vault Evolution

May 7, 2022 Meeting

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Book Club Announcement

Second Unboxing!

How to Read a Book, Chapter 9

Mill Autobiography, Part 3

Unboxing the Great Books

Mill's Autobiography, Part 2

Ranney Letter #31

Mill's Autobiography, Part 1

Dark Academia vs. Education

My Very Own Great Books!

Nature of the Syntopicon

Syntopicon Vault

Darwin's Notes

The Great Conversation

Intro to the Great Conversation

How to Read a Book, Chapter 8

How to Read a Book, Chapter 7

How to Read a Book, Chapter 6

How to Read a Book, Chapter 5

James Watt Jr., Temporary Jacobin

Irreligion a Category of Analysis?

Francis Place

Grayling Agreed with Knowlton

Bradlaugh Prehistory

Academics vs. Knowlton

Freethought = Radicalism

Some Quick Thoughts on Frances Wright

"Lives" of Thomas Paine

Introducing Charles Bradlaugh


Recent activity

Ranney Letter #30

Last Day at BSU

Ranney Letter #29

Ranney Letter #28

Ranney Letter #27

Ranney Letter #26

Ranney Letter #25

Ranney Letter #24

Freethinking Warrior

Ranney Letter #23

Washington the Deist

Ranney Letter #22

Announcing Freethought History

Bennett by Knowlton

Darwin vs. Birth Control

Ranney Letter #21

Fair and Balanced?

Ranney Letter #20

Against Kids?

Ranney Letter #19

This Week in History

Mary Lyon

Ranney Letter #18

Brief Thoughts about Jacoby's Freethinkers

Ranney Letter #17

Retrenchment Journey, Day 234

Fear of Nothing

Ranney Letter #16

This Week in History

Authority or Thought

Ranney Letter #15

Knowledge of Man

US Population in 1800

Ranney Letter #14

Freethought and Class

Ranney Letter #13

This Week in History

A Rough, Self-Taught Infidel

Ranney Letter #12

US Population in 1790

Robert Dale Owen's Marriage Protest

Ranney Letter #11

Infidelity in the US

Ranney Letter #10

Ashfield Backstory

This Week In History

Dare to be honest

Ranney Letter #9

Lady of the Rotunda

Ranney Letter #8

Ranney Letters #7

Ranney Letter #6

New England Medicine in the Early 19th Century

Ranney Letter #5

Michigan Land Offices

Ranney Letter #4

Certificators of Ashfield

The Excommunication of Nathaniel Clark

Neolithic Agricultural Revolution

Questioning History

The Ranney Excommunication

Mason Grosvenor, D.D.

Ranney Letter #1

Some Thoughts on Robert Owen

Update on my Obsidian "Course"

More Life Changes!

Electoral Crisis (1877)

A Warning (1876)

Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876)

Beyond the West and Inevitability

The Tidal Wave (1874)

Gilded Age Sources

Ku-Klux Klan (1871)

Bank Notes as Primary Sources

Authors' Favorite Books, 1939

Fifteenth Amendment (1869)

Who Owns the Land?

Completion of the Pacific Railroad (1869)

Actual Books

Link to New Course Website

Arraignment of Reconstruction (1868)

Announcing a New Course

Eligibility of Colored Members (1868)

I didn't believe in History?

Environment in Latin American History

Fourteenth Amendment (1866)

Peer to Peer?

Books as Cultural Artifacts

The South As It Is (1865-66)

Presidential Reconstruction (1866)

Reading, a Necessity of Life

Thirteenth Amendment (1865)

The Civil War as Pandora's Box

First Look at Pseudo-science

Mississippi Black Codes (1865)

My Journey, Day 156

An Impartial View (1865)

Merchants were Bankers

Surrender of Lee (1865)

My Gilded Age Vault

Complexity and Statistics

March to the Sea (1864)