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I’m a historian, teacher, researcher, and writer. This is my blog and the place I share work in progress. The blog is free and you can get access to all of the work in progress with a paid subscription.

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I typically have several projects running simultaneously, which I’ll subdivide into “channels” listed in the header on my page. Things like Note-Making, Primary Sources, and Freethought which includes my biography of Dr. Charles Knowlton.

In addition to writing little blog essays, I often turn these musings into audios or videos. I post some of those on YouTube and some on Vimeo. All will be available here, and most as part of the free membership.

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Dan Allosso

I'm a History Professor at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. I write about my work which includes teaching, researching, writing, note-making, and open education. I also occasionally comment on other topics or events that interest me.