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Voting By Classes (1863)

Extended Families in Rural America

The Draft Riot (1863)

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Inequality Within Families?

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State Banks, Capitalism, Politics

Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg (1863)

"Journey" Update, Day 139

Sunday Summary, Dec. 17, 2023

On the Firing Line (1863)

Domestic Surveillance in History

Antietam (1862)

More British Radicals

Rising of the People (1861)

Grassroots Means Personal

Principles of the Confederacy (1861)

Just Before Revolution

No Extension of Slavery (1860-61)

"On the Make"?

Transportation and Migration, Maybe Not Declension

Secession of South Carolina (1860)

Southern "Opponent" of Secession (1860)

A Bit of Labor History

Election of 1860

Packers Before (and After) Chicago

Incompetence or Hubris?

John Brown Broke the Laws (1859)

Migrating from YouTube

What's New is Old

A Slave Auction (1859)

Agribusiness Earlier Than You Might Think

Cotton is King (1858)

Revising Populism

Irrepressible Conflict (1858)

A Lit Guy Does History

A House Divided (1858)

Populists, "the Reading Party"

History, Plausibility, Motivation

Impending Crisis of the South (1857)

Greenbacks and Wealth Transfer

Dred Scott Decision Reviewed (1857)

Great Awakening?

Dred Scott Decision (1857)

An Outline for Rural History

Civil War in Kansas (1856)

Darwin's Grandfather

4th of July Address at Reidsville (1854)

Before Darwin, Vestiges

Slavery a Positive Good (1854)


Foundation of a New Party (1855)

Is Historical Thinking Unnatural?

What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?

A Plea for the Oppressed (1850)

Feynman and Hoyle

Building a Substack Community?

On the Underground Railroad (1850)

The Poor Whites (1850)

Pruning Feeds and Headlines

Threat of Disunion (1850)

Day 112

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Lyman Ranney Letters (1850)

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (1849)

A Forty-Niner (1849-50)

Defense of the Proviso (1847)

Capture of Mexico (1847)

A Young Officer in the War (1847)

Our Journey, Day 106

Opponent of the War (1847)

Z-Degrees and OER

Reasons for War (1846)

How Annexation Was Secured (1845)

Reasons for Annexation (1844)

Raleigh Letter (1844)

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Our Journey, Day 97

Disestablishment came late

Our Journey, Day 95

1937 Historiography

Our Journey, Day 93

Agriculture and History

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Revolutionaries in London

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Introducing Lifelong Learners!

Agro-Imperial America

Our Journey, Day 80

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Not Manifest Destiny

Our Journey, Day 77

European EnvHist

Our Journey, Day 76

Our Journey, Day 75

Our Journey, Day 74

Journeying, Day 73

Our Journey, Day 72

Our Journey, Columbus Day

Who is America For?

Our Journey, Day 70

Closed Frontiers

How to Read a Book, Chapter 5

Our Journey, Day 69

Our Journey, Day 68

Our Journey, Day 67

Technology and Government

Oscar Handlin's Disgrace

Our Journey, Day 66

How to Read a Book, Chapter 4

The Handlins' Commonwealth

Our Journey, Day 65

How to Read a Book, Chapter 3

More Thoughts on Reproducibility

Our Journey, Day 64


Our Journey, Day 63

History Does Not Have a Replication Problem

Our Journey, Day 62

Textbook Affordability

Our Journey, Day 61

Our Journey, Day 60

Populist Pronatalism

Our Journey, Day 59

Our Journey, Day 58

Our Journey, Day 57

Marxian Thermodynamics?

Our Journey, Day 56

Bankruptcy in History

Our Journey, Day 55

Know Nothings

Our Journey, Day 54

Progressive Era Politics

Our Journey, Day 53

Our Journey, Day 52

Our Journey, Day 51

Metahistory, so Meta

Historiography and Public History

Our Journey, Day 50

Against the "Beardians"

Retrenchment, Day 49

Impending Crisis

Retrenchment, Day 48

Early American Capitalism

Retrenchment, Day 47

Condition of Mexico (1842)

Retrenchment, Day 46

Unconvincing But Useful

A Fugitive Case (1841)

Retrenchment, Day 45

Land Offices in the Old West

How to Read a Book, Chapter 2

Cheerful View of Slavery (1841)

Retrenchment, Day 44

Death of Reconstruction

On the Coast of California (1835)

McKinley and Roosevelt

Retrenchment, Day 43

How to Read a Book, Chapter 1

Western Conquest

Retrenchment, Day 42

Holbrook's Lost Men

Retrenchment, Day 41

Retrenchment, Day 40

Retrenchment, Day 39

Retrenchment, Day 38

Retrenchment, Day 37

Commerce on the Frontier

Retrenchment, Day 36

Chomsky Recently

Retrenchment, Day 35

Search for Order

All Honest Callings are Honorable (1840)

Retrenchment, Day 34

Manufacturing Frontier

Ranney Letters (1839, 1842)

Retrenchment, Day 33

Open Ed Overview

Whose Revolution?

Speech at Pennsylvania Hall (1838)

Retrenchment, Day 32

Revolution or More of the Same?

Anti-slavery Protest (1837)

Retrenchment, Day 31

Bank Notes

Texas Revolution (1836)

Retrenchment, Day 30

Artisans Into Workers

Spirit of Republican Government (1835)

Retrenchment, Day 29

Early English Radicals

Principles of Executive Government (1834)

Retrenchment, Day 28

Panic of 1857

Retrenchment, Day 27

Life With a Slave-breaker (1833)

Right of Nullification (1833)

Big Historiography

Retrenchment, Day 26

Chicago (1833)

An Actual Historiography Book

Retrenchment, Day 25

Boat, Stage, Railroad, Canal (1833)

Market Transition or Theology?

Retrenchment, Day 24

Black Hawk's Surrender (1832)

The Great Meadow

Retrenchment, Day 23

First Steam Railroad (1830)

Farm, Shop, Landing

Retrenchment, Day 22

Retrenchment, Day 21

Rural History a Century Ago

Appleby on the Market Transition

Retrenchment, Day 20

A Hazy View from Intellectual History

Retrenchment, Day 19

Shopkeeper's Millennium

Retrenchment, Day 18

Retrenchment, Day 17

Open Education

Retrenchment, Day 16

Kuhn's Paradigms

Retrenchment, Day 15

History as an Act of Faith

Retrenchment, Day 14

Foner on Reconstruction

Retrenchment, Day 13

Retrenchment, Day 12

Migration and Persistence

The Turner Thesis

Memorial of the Cherokee Nation (1829)

Retrenchment, Day 11

Retrenchment, Day 10

Against New England Declension

Domestic Manners of the Americans (1828)

Retrenchment, Day 9

Appleby on "Agrarian Myth"

Retrenchment, Day 8

Kulikoff on the Market Transition

Objections to Panama Congress (1826)

And Now for Something Completely Different

Retrenchment, Day 7

Nature, Incorporated

Monroe Doctrine in Monroe's Words (1817-24)

Retrenchment, Day 6

Changes in the Land

Conditions in Mexico (1823)

The Columbian Exchange

Perils of State Banking (1818)

Retrenchment, Day 5

Indian Opinion of the White Man (1817)

Retrenchment, Day 4

Retrenchment, Day 3

Richard Hofstadter

The Illuminati in History

Retrenchment, Day 2


Clark's Roots of Rural Capitalism

Every Person Their Own Historian

Argument for Improvements (1817)

Anti-Federalists and DVEs

Morton J. Horwitz

Carl Becker


People of the Woods (1817)

Magnalia Christi Americana (1702)

Dutchmen in Boston (1680)

Pequot War (1635)

New English Canaan (1624)

Obsidian Graph, Summer 2023

Public Debate Today

Back from the Woods

Star-Spangled Banner (1814)

Justification of War (1813)

New England Secessionist (1811)

Sleep No Longer (1811)

Making Peace (1814-5)

Down the Ohio (1811)

Repeal of the Embargo (1809)

Summer Update of my Projects and Plans

Argument for Embargo (1808)

Indentured Servant's Letter (1623)

Knowlton Biography Chapter 47

Rhetoric vs. Reality on the 4th

Knowlton Endnotes

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 46

At St. Olaf

My New Knowlton Biography Audiobook

Road to Oregon (1805)

Difference Between Red and White (1805)

British Case Against America (1805)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 45

British Cruizers (1804)

High School Debate and Closed Comments

Objections to Annexation (1803)

Beltrami Bicentennial

Importance of New Orleans (1802)

Economic Advantages of US (1795)

Political Conditions in America (1795)

Yellow Fever in Philadelphia (1793)

French Revolution (1792)

Some Thoughts on Teaching History

Opinion of Jefferson (1792)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 44

Opinion of Hamilton (1792)

West Will Remain in the Union (1790)

Books and Confirmation Bias


Caleb and Dan Discuss ChatGPT and Education

A Trip Down the Mississippi (1791)

What Is Popular Government?

Defects of Confederation

What is illegal, if you're important?

Happy Boston (1788)

Planting and politics

A new graph

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 43

Against Regression to the Mean

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Reactions to some 5/25 posts

Domestic Extremists?

What value do I add to the Substack ecosystem?

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 42

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 41

LYT Discussion of Obsidian Book Club

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 39

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 40

Humanities is the answer?

Constitutional Debates on Slavery (1787)

Preparations for the Convention (1787)

My Current OER Project

The Crisis (1786)

Shays's Rebellion (1787)

How to Found a Settlement (1785-90)

Spirit of America (1783)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Revolution (1783)

Arcadia in Nantucket (1782)

Review of the War (1781)

Jefferson on Slavery (1781)

Public Lands (1780)

U.S. as a World Power (1780)

Inconveniences of Militia (1780)

Adventures of a Revolutionary Soldier (1777)

Freeing Slaves to Fight (1779)

Vengeance to the Tories!

Lot of the Refugee (1776-9)

The Declaration

Difficulty Framing Articles of Confederation (1776)

Abandonment of New York (1776)

A Woman at the Front (1775-6)

A Call for Independence (1776)

Conflicting Reports of Lexington and Concord (1775)

Reign of King Mob (1775)

Regulators of Springfield (1774)

Boston Tea Party (1773)

Settlement of the Western Country (1772-4)

Natural Rights of Colonists (1772)

North Carolina Regulators (1770)

Wretchedness of White Servants (1770)

Pennsylvania Farmer's Remedy (1768)

Character of the Indians (1767)

Declaration and Remonstrance (1764)

Opposition to Arbitrary Power (1763)

New York City (1760)

Future of America (1758)

Albany Plan of Union (1754)

Politics in Pennsylvania (1740-54)

The Beautiful River (1752)

Colonial Independence (1748)

Louisbourg Expedition (1745)

Edwards' Account of Revival (1743)

Eliza Lucas (1741-2)

Runaways (1741)

Evil Deeds of the Spaniards (1740)

Salzburg Germans (1734)

Establishing the Colony of Georgia (1733)

A Man Diligent in His Calling (1732)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 38

The French and the Fur Trade (1724)

Sketch of New England (1720)

French Mississippi Settlements (1718)

Englishmen Hate Arbitrary Government (1710)

Kandiaronk (1703)

Poor Man's Paradise (1698)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 37

New York in 1687

Life of a Southern Planter (1686)

Treaties with Indians (1683)

Early Pennsylvania (1683)

New York in 1679

Indian Captivity (1677-8)

Bacon's Rebellion (1676)

King Philip's War (1675)

Marquette on the Mississippi (1673)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 36

Toleration in Rhode Island (1670)

Why the Dutch Surrendered (1665)

New England Opinion of the Dutch (1653)

The Iroquois (1644)

New England Indians (1642)

Exclusion of Heretics (1637)

Church and State (1636)

Pequot War (1635)

Patroons in New Netherland (1629)

Founding of New Netherland (1628)

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 35

Defense of Virginia Charter (1623)

Unmasking Virginia (1622)

Tales of Squanto (1622)

Why the Pilgrims Migrated (1620)

Indians of the South (1618)

Muckraking in Minneapolis (1903)

Tale of Pocahontas (1613-14)

Starving Time in Virginia (1609-10)

Lake Champlain (1609)

Early Struggles in Virginia (1608)

Value of Colonies to England (1607)

Transcontinental Trade (1602)

Channel Transition

New England (1602)

Abasing Spain (1584)

OER Primary Source update

Knowlton Biography, Chapter 34

Virginia (1584)

Drake's Circumnavigation (1580)

An English Free-booter (1568)

Attractions of Florida (1565)

De Soto (1542)

First Expedition to Kansas and Nebraska (1540)

First English Slave Trader (1530)

America in English (1511)

First English Voyage (1497)