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Year-end review

Processing and Using PDFs

Filling Empty Notes in Obsidian (#102)

OER Textbook in Obsidian?

Private Hypothesis Class Discussions (#100)

Taking Reading Notes from a Print Book

Taking Reading Notes from a Print Book


Roam and Obsidian

End of Semester Relief!

MarginNote 3 Again: How do I like it now?

Notes on Luhmann's essay on Notes (#94)

Getting Things Done, part 1

My Note-taking

My Note-taking Process

Planning to Teaching Note-taking

Kuhn's Paradigms in Historical Thinking

Kuhn's Paradigms in Historical Thinking

Couple new videos and pods

Visualizing Historiography

Kindle Highlights to Roam Reading Notes

More Thoughts on Roam Research & Smart Notes Reading Group

Roam Research Reading Group

Roam Reading Group (#86)

Roam Research is COOL

Discovering Permanent Notes in Roam

Electoral College

More thoughts on HyFlex

More HyFlex!

Decolonization, Part 2


Decolonization, part 1

World War II, part 2 (#79)

Ranney Letter 15: February 2, 1851



Dan's Book Reviews #4: James C. Scott

Ranney Letter 14: December 8, 1850

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World War II, part 1 (#74)

Muckrakers (#73)

Ranney Letter 13, August 23, 1850.

Horwitz's really radical legal history

Planning for Hybrid courses

Roam Research for Beginners

The Modern Crisis, part 2

Roam Research for Beginners

Grad School

New pods and videos


The Modern Crisis, part 1

Dan's Book Reviews #1

Ranney Letter 12: August 8, 1850

The Columbian Exchange

OER Video

Writing an OER

Trachtenberg v Lamoreaux

Ranney Letter 10: March 8, 1850

Ranney Letter 11: March 10, 1850

Fritz Haber (#56)

Peshtigo Fire

The Great War

The Great War

Productivity Tools

Hitchens and Jefferson (#52)

Columbus Controversy

Birth Control in 1831

Historically Thinking

Ranney Letter #9: Jan. 8, 1850

Ranney Letter #8: Aug. 28, 1847


Bradlaugh and Historical Fiction

The Osborne Effect

Ranney Letter 7: August 29, 1844

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Leaded Gas

Thomas Paine

Marginnote 3 Rocks!

Robert Owen

Monday morning pods

Changing Empires

Ranney Letter 6: August 23, 1844

Water and Pigs



Ranney Letter 5: Feb. 15, 1844

Foner's Reconstruction

Voyages of Zheng He

Battle Cry of Freedom

The Troubled 19th Century

Ranney Letter 4: Feb. 15, 1884

Tools for Historians

The Charles River Bridge

The Charles River Bridge


Staples and Stone Tools

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Ranney Letter 3: April 30, 1843


Ranney Letter 2: May 15, 1842

Ranney Letters pod

Ranney Letter #1, May 19, 1839

The Ranney Letters

Monte Verde

Colonial North America

Berle on Monopoly

9/11 in Latin America

Early Globalization and Revolutions

Erasmus Darwins of Massachusetts

Erasmus Darwins of Massachusetts

Beringia was not a bridge

Bella Ciao!

Bella Ciao!

Columbus Controversy

Early North American Colonization

The Americas and the Columbian Exchange

Government as Duopoly

Government Duopoly

How the Civil War caused the Gilded Age

How the Civil War caused the Gilded Age

Europeans Discover the Americas

Asian Empires and European Nations

Asian Empires and European Nations

The Populist Businessman

The Populist Businessman

Modern World History Begins in China

Modern World History Begins in China

Modern World History Introduction

"Setting the Scene"

US History I, Lecture 1: Setting the Scene

New podcast

The American Yawp, Chapter One

New course video


Morning in Bemidji


The Schroeder mill in Ashland

Additional things I learned in Virginia

Virginia and Duluth

Virginia MN, 1920s and 2020

Alchemists in fiction and peppermint history

How long should a lecture be, when it’s a video?

My OER Talk Video

Argh! I've done it!

Internet Archive

Historical arguments and interesting people

Two images from today's research

Fall Survey

Update on current projects

Horwitz's student Steinberg

The most consequential book I read as a US History grad student

Tracing Logging Rivers

Lumber Map so far...

Free Tools

Great Lakes Forest

Cronon's story of Chicago Lumber

Canadian Lumber Industry in 1906

The Lost Forty

Eastern White Pine

Just Arrived today

A.A. Berle on corporations

Spring Cleaning

Tools we bring

Finishing an OER textbook

Syllabi vs. Player Piano Rolls

Just joined substack

A History of my Work on History.