Recent Videos

A batch of posts to my YouTube channel

March 30: Preparing for Course using Obsidian

I'm beginning to pull together ideas and outline my 8-week summer course, American Economic History. I'm outlining in Obsidian and retrieving notes I've made on economic issues in US History and texts I've read. I'll probably offer this course content as an Obsidian vault, so there will be more info on that as I develop it.

April 1: Reading Note Transfer

I'm beginning to transfer Reading Notes in my new book project, from MarginNote 3 to Obsidian. Goal is to create a structure that will help me determine which aspects of the topic are the most interesting to me, and to help me organize and link the ideas and data.

April 2: Tools vs. Work

This is a bit of a reaction video, to a Nick Nilo interview with Eleanor Konik a couple of days ago which was a deep dive into power-user tips for Obsidian. I'm a bit more focused, right now, on the work I'm doing; but I'm trying to watch these types of videos a bit at a time and learn more. ALSO, in a postscript I use a viewer's tip that solves an issue I talked about in the last video.

April 6: Reading Notes in an Obsidian Folder

I'm beginning to add Reading Notes to my Obsidian folder that contains my research on the white pine lumber industry. In this video, I talk a little about that and a little more about Eleanor Konik's recent talk with Nick Milo, while running a screen-cap of my note-making and linking.